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Because talent and hard work are not enough for sustained elite level performance

What is the REAL Challenge for your Organizations Key Players Today?

To compete in the ever-changing and increasingly competitive global marketplace, the performance demands placed upon key employees have increased expotentially in recent years.

The environment in which key players have to perform is one that can best be characterized by the following:

1. Intense pressure
2. High levels of stress
3. A culture of long hours
4. Fierce competition
5. Small margins of error
6. High cost of failure

This means that it is necessary for key players to have to perform at their very best all day, every day, in this hyper-competitive culture just to stand still. Taking it to another level often feels impossible. The irony is that it is possible to take key players performance to a higher and more sustainable level – it’s just they have not been given the performance skills and knowledge to be able to do so.

So What’s the Answer? … Just Tough it Out?

How can your company’s key players thrive rather than just survive in such a competitive arena? The common response to this challenge is often not based on the sound principles and practices of Elite Performance. More often than not, key players are just given unrealistic expectations to be able to do more, get it done and ‘tough it out’.

These solutions are usually based around piling on more responsibilities and tasks on fewer and fewer staff and pushing the most talented, key players in the organization to their limit. Yet this actually sabotages both performance and business results in the end.

The REAL Solution? Understanding Human Performance

At KPA, we believe the real issue is that both companies and the key players themselves, often do not see themselves as human performers. Ironically, what they do everyday is perform themselves, for their co-workers and teams and for their clients. They have not learned the art and science of Elite Human Performance that we see evidenced so often in the worlds of sport, the elite military forces and the performing arts.

By understanding what human performance is, what human performance skills are and by measuring, monitoring, managing and enhancing these skills, we can ensure that your key performers can operate at a higher and more sustainable level.

At KPA we call this SELP … Sustained Elite Level Performance.

The KPA Elite Performer Program

Elite performers are different because habitually they have developed:

  • Higher and More Consistent Confidence Levels
  • Greater Physical and Mental Energy
  • The “Right Stuff” Motivation
  • Intense Focus
  • Resilience and Hardiness
  • The Ability to Perform Consistently Under Pressure

The KPA Elite Performer is designed to ensure that you Think, Feel and Act like an Elite Performer.

KPA Elite Performer background:

The KPA Elite Performer Program is evidence-based, research based and cutting edge. It draws upon KPA and our associates 25 plus years experience of providing leading edge performance solutions to the following:

  • Some of the worlds best athletes, coaches, teams and sports organizations
  • Top CEO’s, business leaders and major corporations in the US and globally
  • Show business personalities, musicians and bands
  • Elite military units and personel
  • The performing arts

We’ve learned a tremendous amount from these elite performers in these arena’s and we’d like to share that expertise with you.

Together, we can create practical elite performance solutions that will ensure new standards of excellence.

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